This site is the place where Nolan shares his experiences and knowledge with others who want to pursue Entrepreneurship and create freedom for themselves.

The Podcast – “Big Plans” – is the un-business podcast. Nolan focuses on having long form conversations with cool people doing interesting things – business, sports, music – where you can find motivation, inspiration, and knowledge to apply to your own life.

The one thing all guests share? They are pursuing and taking action on their “Big Plans”.

More importantly, this site is about YOU… how to start, build and grow your own business, take action on YOUR “Big Plans”, and create a life you love.


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Podcast Test Episode
November 7, 2017
Podcast info will go here - BIG PLANS! (Show notes, player, etc)
July 16, 2015
This is a test, filler content. You know, like the vast majority of things that you read in "journalism" these days. I suppose I could have titled this post 5 Ways Online Analytics and Per-C...

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